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Creepers by Edgar J Hyde

Ghost Stories for children aged 7-12

First published in the UK promotional book market in 1997 Creepers has sold over 4 milllion copies in 5 different languages since original publication.

This year at Bologna Book Fair (6th - 9th March 2023) we seek to license the Creepers translation rights to more territories

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Next year, 2024, sees the first new titles added to the series since 2001, with 6 new titles coming in March 2024, making 30 titles in total.

Since 1997 Creepers has been published in 5 languages and in five continents:
USA/CANADA – by Flowerpot Press
Italy – by Mondadori (Edizione Piemme)
Greece – by Kedros
Brazilian Portuguese – by Ciranda Cultural
Russia – by EKSMO
Australia – Hinkler
UK by CCP and Igloo Books.



24 proven titles over 4 series | Published in Five Languages | Every publishing territory needs Ghost Stories | Been in print somewhere in the world for over 20 years | The author has written over 40 books for children under various names | Permission to amend text to suit your territory | Our company is registered in the EU and separately the UK

Creepers books consists of 4 published series of ghost stories for children aged 7-12. Each series has six titles. 12 titles new titles will be added this year. In Creepers books, there is a lot of humour as well as frights. And the children are usually much smarter than the adults!

Edgar J Hyde also wrote THE DEAD DETECTIVE series under the name Felix Bogarte. This series will now revert to Edgar’s name in 2024. Edgar J Hyde also wrote MY MONSTER SLEEPOVER series under a different name.

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how we work

We license the text to you for you to publish in your territory.

When you agree to license Creepers text from us we give you permission to use the text any way you wish. You have permission to change characters’ names to local names in case that helps readers in your territory identify more easily with the story.

With our publishing partners we work on a royalty advance and then annual royalty payments. We are flexible on royalty rates depending on how many copies and how many titles you print on your territory. We are also flexible on the amount of years any publishing agreement will run for.

The biggest UK customers for Creepers were supermarkets, The Works UK retail bookshop chain, and CCP’s own distribution network of 2000 independent outlets from Kiosks to Post offices.

Mondadori (under Edizione Piemme) made a stunning success of Creepers in Italy with the brand name BRIVIDO and under the well-respected Il Battello a Vapore - Piemme Junior imprint.

Ciranda Cultural have had Creepers in print in Brazil for 10 years and still going strong.

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Creepers has sold over 4 million copies over 24 titles in 5 languages over 20 years.

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This year 2019 sees the first new titles being added to the series since 2001, with 12 new titles coming in October 2019.

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We make sure that our publishing partners in other territories have full permission to amend text, storylines, character names, place names etc. We want these titles to work for you, and so we are flexible regarding your requests.

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Bologna Book Fair (6th -9th March) 2023

This year at Bologna Book Fair (6th - 9th March) we seek to license Creepers translation rights to more territories.

Please email us as creepersbooks@gmail.com
to make an appointment.

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